Conservation Psychology: PSY4990

Prerequisites: SOP 3004 and PSY 3213

Description: This course focuses on the relationship between humans and the natural environment with a focus on how human behavior is both the cause of and the solution to most environmental problems. We explore psychological theories that have been applied to understanding conservation behavior through text readings and journal articles and culminate in a project that develops a behavior change intervention to increase pro-environmental behavior.

Social Psychology: SOP3004

Description: This course involves an introduction to the study of social influences on human behavior. The topics include social perception, affiliation, attraction, prosocial behavior, aggression, attitudes and attitude change, group behavior and leadership.

Experimental Social Psychology: SOP3214C

Prerequisites: SOP 3004, PSY 3213 and PSY 3213L

Description: This course involves an introduction to the study of social influences on the behavior of individuals. The principles studied will be applied under controlled laboratory conditions.

Research Methods in Psychology: PSY 3213

Prerequisites: STA 2014

Description: This course provides an understanding of the philosophy of science and psychology as a branch of science, enhances critical thinking and logical inference and elaborates basic research methodologies in psychology. Ethical principles in research also are covered.

Introduction to Psychology: PSY2012

Description: This course is an introduction to the scientific study of human and animal behavior. The principles, theories and methods of psychology will be surveyed in the context of topics central to the development and present status of the discipline.

Professional Opportunities in Psychology Seminar: PSY3021

Prerequisite:  PSY 2012
Description: This course provides a broad overview of educational and professional issues that are of relevance to students majoring, or considering a major, in psychology, including an overview of career options in the field of psychology. The course utilizes a mixture of seminar and lecture format.

Advanced Social and Personality Psychology: SOP 6069

Prerequisites:  SOP 3004 or equivalent, plus admission to the Master of Science in Psychological Science program or permission of the instructor. 

Description: This course involves an in-depth survey of the research literature of social psychology, with emphasis on individual behavior. Topics will include, but are not limited to, aggression, attraction, social perception, personality, helping behavior, attribution, attitudes, applied social psychology, and communication.